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Whether you’ve decided to move just a few blocks away from your current location or across the entire state is irrelevant, as moving is a complicated process and takes a toll on your well-being either way. That’s why Griner Moving is dedicated to simplifying your life by taking on the hard work entailed by the residential and commercial moving procedure, and letting you enjoy the fact that you just got a new place and are about to start a new chapter in your life. That also means there will be no more digging through the yellow pages and online reviews looking for a reliable moving company, because we are the right one for you.

Griner Moving will be right there with just one phone call and you will get your FREE estimate. Then, if you are satisfied with the free quote, you can hire us to do our thing while you relax knowing that everything will be fine. The moving service we offer is truly exceptional – firstly because we handle all of your belongings as if they were our own, and secondly because our priceless service comes at a reasonable price. The movers we employ have all had extensive experience in various types of moving processes, so they are highly skilled and well-prepared for any moving project. Every worker has had to go through a significant amount of training to make sure that our every move is as efficient as possible while the quality is left uncompromised. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and Griner Moving will do whatever it takes to ensure a seamless experience for you.

What makes us at Griner Moving stand out from the crowd of moving companies is the fact that for us, this is not “just another job” that we will do in an average manner like the rest – quite the opposite: we treat every case separately and devote to it 150%. At Griner, we put the “G” in “moving” because we are determined to finish what we start and go above and beyond the expected minimum. We don’t just pack your stuff in our trucks and get from point A to point B to unpack and leave. Instead, we always put in the effort to get close to our customers, and that is the reason we have so many positive reviews across various platforms. Your wish is our command – we sincerely want to reach and surpass the goals of our initial agreement, and we make sure that all the safety standards are met because the last thing we want is for any of your belongings to break or malfunction.

We are a fully licensed and insured moving company. When we get to your location, there won’t be a worry on your mind because our highly trained movers have done this many times in their professional lives, so now moving comes second nature.

Are you ready for the move, the next big step in your life? Call Griner Moving TODAY and our movers will arrive promptly to give you a FREE moving quote!

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Why choose Griner Moving over the other guys in Tallahassee FL?

Griner Moving Services made my recent move across the country (Charlotte, NC to San Antonio, TX) not so stressful. They were so cautious and efficient with all of my furniture, personals and the entire move in general. Thanks again guys! 

Emily Bell

The movers were very efficient and careful whilst moving my things from my 2nd floor apartment to storage and then out of storage to my 3rd floor apartment. Thank you so much for all the help!

Shanquell Shan Dixon

Best moving company around!! If you want a great price and excellent service, Griner Moving Services is the way to go!

Twila Gaskins Hall